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Learning and Burning

Welcome to CBD and THC Info, where our mission is to provide accurate and reliable information about cannabis – No BS.

Don’t let the cheesy picture above fool you. I’m trying to get this site up and running and I figured actual content was important. I’m horrible with graphics. As time progresses, our team will grow but for now we’re relying on various tools and stock photos. Right now, our priority is delivering high-quality content. As the site evolves, so will our resources and visual elements.

Information is another story. As CBD and THC are becoming mainstream, so does the nonsense. I’m sure you’ve read and/or heard numerous cannabis-related myths growing up that you’ve figured out simply weren’t true over time. Well, we’re not here for those.. well, not only those. This site aims to compile modern and relevant information to provide accurate knowledge so people aren’t making mistakes and at worst getting themselves hurt or at best, wasting money, time or product.

Even better though, honestly sometimes it’s just good to sit back and read some random cannabis info. That’s what you’ll find here and plenty of it eventually. Smoke or don’t smoke, we don’t judge. This isn’t a site just about getting high – although it will include it – but instead a site about cannabis period. This site will explore various aspects of cannabis, including industrial, medical, and scientific applications, alongside recreational use. We even have a section dedicated to growing!

We take pride in handcrafting our articles to ensure accuracy. If a piece of information cannot be verified, we will clearly state it. In the case of medical research for example, many studies are still a work-in-progress. This means unlike many other modern sites, we will not be using AI to generate articles. We may for example, have it aggregate data and manually verify it – in a manner a human would – but all end-results will be typed up and verified the old-fashioned way. Accurate information is vital when it comes to our health. As the legality of CBD and THC moves forward, the horizon is endless as are the possibilities for their potential applications.

I personally have epilepsy. It is mostly under control now. That is likely the only personal thing I will ever share on this site (it is the internet after all). Sometimes cannabis helps. Sometimes it doesn’t. I wish I could figure out why. The point is, real information is important to me and all of us here.

Join us on this journey as we delve into the depths of cannabis knowledge, providing valuable insights and updates.